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We offer a customization service that has two varieties. Both of which feature exclusive fabrications that are unique.

Firstly, the made-to-order service, which allows the clients to personalize their merchandise. The clients do it by providing us with sketches and studies, then selecting the type of leather, colours, stitching and hardware, after the selection we develop the new style for the market.

Secondly, our internal designing team develops new designs after studying our clients. We offer these new designs to the customer every season.


Weaving, one of the oldest technologies practiced by the artisans of India, is the interlacement of two or more vertical and horizontal elements. The path that the interlacement of the elements takes can also vary.

These weaved bags are handmade by craftsmen with many years of experience. We select the softest leather, which becomes even more beautiful and soft over time.

The first step is the weaving which is quite a timeconsuming task as it's handmade. When the weaving is completed it goes for stitching. After the stitching of the bag is done we wash and polish the product, this process makes the final product even more soft and natural. The final, look of the bag has a natural and vintage effect

Washed Bags

These leather bags are hand-made in high quality soft natural leather. This particular manufacturing process undergoes a special washing cycle to dye all the details in the bag to create a distinctly worn-in look.

Our finished leather goods are soaked in water to soften them up. Afterwards, these products are put in tumblers which start the distressing process. Each bag, clutch or wallet tumbles around as they dry, leaving each piece uniquely creased and crinkled. Finally, our makers finish them by hand, hammering them back into shape and giving them a wax over with a natural conditioner to set the pigment and complete the look.

The colour and natural irregularities of the leather or finishes reflect the authenticity and aged appearance of the bag. These washed bags feature a vintage style in colours inspired by the elements of nature, to simply enhance their authentic appearance



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